Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oct 6, 2007

Thank you to the Leather N' Lace Country Dance Club for inviting us to teach and DJ at their annual Fall Barn Dance. The dance was located in the Showalter Barn in Linville, Virgina. This was a huge barn with lots of hay and the biggest wooden dance floor I have ever seen. Our hosts graciously invited us to their pot luck supper before the dance started and the food was awesome. During lessons I taught my new dance, Shooters Walk, and a partner dance called Dance It Out by Paula Frohn. The barn was located in a beautiful scenic area, looking out the back doors that opened onto rolling pastures and watching the sunset made me feel like I had stepped into a painting. I met many wonderful dancers, a special shout-out to my new friends, the hooter girls!!!! We literally danced till the cows came home and I hope to see you all again on the dance floor soon.